Inclusive Education

Why a puppet can change your school for good

By Olivia Karaolis

Celebrating World Autism Day? Bring a puppet to school. World Autism Day is always an opportunity to shine

How to succeed at inclusion

By Lara Maia-Pike

The first of our intermittent blogs during the #AARE2022 conference. If you want to cover a session at the

What I learned from my first year of teaching

By Olivia Karaolis

“Ring the bells that can still ring,  Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in

What we should all know about authentic inclusive classrooms

By Linda Graham, Haley Tancredi and Jenna Gillett-Swan

Kids with learning and behavioural difficulties couldn’t possibly tell us anything about quality teaching… could they? Anti-inclusion sentiment has reached fever pitch following the most recent Hearing of the Disability Royal Commission; one that aimed to hear both sides of a so-called “binary” debate. If folks were hoping the hearing would prove that it’s all

Towards a culture of inclusion: teaching to bell hooks

By Olivia Karaolis

 “If we are to reach our people. All people, if we are to remain connected…we must understand that

‘Act more normal’: what happens now to gender diverse kids at school

By Tania Ferfolja, Emily Gray, Victoria Rawlings and Jacqueline Ullman

From GSCS SIG Symposium: Exploring sexuality and gender diversity throughout school communities: Students, parents and educators Where schools

The school just didn’t like the way I behaved

By Kristin Reimer and Fiona Longmuir

Caleb had trouble sitting still and was first suspended from his school in grade 4. From then on he was “suspended every week from that school and it just kept going from there.” Michael recalled when he was placed in “what was called the naughty class”. “They just grabbed all the troublemakers in school and

Six factors that impact student mental health

By Wendy Larcombe

For one in three university students in our study, their experiences are negative. This appears to contribute to a spiral of stress, disengagement and mental health difficulties.

Differentiation is in our schools to stay. What is it? And why are most criticisms of it just plain wrong?

By Linda Graham, Kate de Bruin, Carly Lassig and Ilektra Spandagou

The use of a teaching practice known as ‘differentiation’ has become more common over time as educators have sought to respond to increases in the diversity of students enrolling in their local school. The term is now used widely by Australian teachers and school leaders, as well as policy makers. For example, according to the

Why the minister should act boldly on changes to schooling for children with disabilities

By David Roy and Caroline Dock

We should see significant changes for children with disabilities in NSW schools if the recently released recommendations by