What happens now to children and families after these horrors?

By Marg Rogers

In the aftermath of the horrors of the attacks in Bondi and Wakeley, many community members have been involved in or witnessed traumatic events. These can  impact mental health and family life, what we call events which cause morally injury.  Our team has co-created resources to support children who grow up in families where a

Why we must say YES to supporting mental health now

By Christine Grove and Alexandra Marinucci

Mental health exists on a continuum, so we need to teach young people how to obtain and maintain good mental health. The approach to include mental health education and literacy in schools needs to be targeted to suit youth needs, proactive and educational not clinical in nature.  Consult! Firstly, young people need to be consulted

Want quality teaching? Here’s the model

By Drew Miller

When Cessnock High School approached us in 2020 about a long-term partnership focused on developing a clear, coherent culture of teaching and learning, we were two years into an ambitious five year program of research on the impact of Quality Teaching Rounds on student and teacher outcomes. We had evidence from the first in a

Bang! How small particles form the big ideas

By James Deehan

When we think of science, we tend to think of historical figures like Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Curie and others. Or we think of anonymous modern scientists working on complex modern problems: climate change, energy futures, artificial intelligence and others. Both these approaches are understandable and far from inaccurate. But science must be understood as a

How to predict if an immigrant student will succeed – and what you can do to help

By Andrew Martin, Rebecca Collie and Lars Erik-Malmberg

Many nations around the world have seen a steep rise in the size of their immigrantpopulations, including their immigrant student populations. How educators respond to thisplays a big part in how immigrant students adjust to and thrive at school. There are manysuccess stories, but there continues to be immigrant students who underachieve, leave school early,

Launching the Hope Kiosk: family-wide support for asylum-seeker background students

By Sally Morgan

It is vital that educators act to try to dismantle the social inequities they discover through their practice.

Why a puppet can change your school for good

By Olivia Karaolis

Celebrating World Autism Day? Bring a puppet to school. World Autism Day is always an opportunity to shine

We asked principals if they wanted to leave their jobs. The results were devastating

By Paul Kidson

Let’s hope today is a landmark day in Australian education and we see some urgent ministerial action. The Federal Minister, Jason Clare MP, is a keynote presenter at the Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA) National Summit, and there will rightly be much attention given to his speech following the release last Friday, March 22, of

The PhD: Why the Thesis Whisperer is a big fan, now and into the AI future

By Inger Mewburn

Let’s face it, the job market in Australian universities is pretty dismal. Our latest research shows that there’s

Everyone belongs? Rethinking the value of Harmony Day celebrations in schools

It’s Harmony Week and all over Australia, schools, along with community groups and workplaces are holding their annual