Keyboarding and handwriting

Write at the start, all kids need to keyboard

By Anabela Malpique and Deborah Pino-Pasternak

In Australia, children are expected to develop computer-based writing skills as soon as they start schooling yet the writing performance of students is plateauing or even declining.   Across the globe, results from national standardised tests show a large percentage of students writing at or below basic proficiency. That includes Australia.   The role of research in

In these pandemic school days handwriting still matters!

By Anabela Malpique and Deborah Pino-Pasternak

During the last 1000 years handwriting has been the prevalent mode of writing. In today’s increasingly digital world,

Why Australia is falling behind in teaching keyboarding and handwriting

By Noella Mackenzie

When we write we want to produce a text that can be easily read by our intended audience.