Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT)

One easy way to lead teachers to the pinnacle – HALT

By Lawrence Ingvarson and Hilary Hollingsworth

Read our full paper on lead teachers here. Australia needs to recruit, develop and retain high quality teachers – lead teachers. To make that happen, this country needs a more credible, economically affordable, administratively feasible and legally defensible professional certification system for leading teachers. That’s not all. It also needs better rewarded career pathways for

Politicians screaming HALT: Why teachers now need so much more than this

By Steven Kolber and John Cole

The Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT) program has been called a “badge searching for a role” but

What you should know now about the NSW government and Dolores Umbridge’s evil ways

By Alison Bedford

The NSW Government has announced the creation of an ‘expert teacher’ role, to be paid almost $150 000