inequity in schooling

Rich or poor, we wanted to know what was unfair at school now

By Meghan Stacey and Jung-Sook Lee

Australians don’t support educational inequity, so why do we accept a system that creates it? What is ‘fair’ in education? This is an important question in a country like Australia, where our school system features considerable inequality in resourcing. It is common knowledge that some schools in this country are much better resourced than others,

AARE 2022: That’s a wrap for a spectacular conference

By Sally Larsen

It goes without saying that it’s been a difficult few years for in-person conferences. I’m sure many of

How socioeconomic background makes a difference in education outcomes

By Lien Pham

Educational disadvantage is a significant factor in students’ educational outcomes. In Australia there is a staggering level of

Educational researchers unite to challenge inequality in Australian schooling

By Stewart Riddle

Educational inequality in Australia is persistent. One in four young Australians are now being left behind according to