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What you should know about our 2023 top ten

Hello and happy new year. We are back for 2024 and looking forward to your contributions. Here’s what you need to know about writing posts for EduResearch Matters. We publish an annual list of our top ten most read blogs – and this year, there was one post which recorded huge interest from the outset.

Why being a mentor is hard. Here’s how to help

By Allison Byth

In my PhD research, I set out to understand how mentoring works within Initial Teacher Education (ITE) for

Why the future of professional experience is now in peril

By Jennifer Clifton, Susan Ledger, Chad Morrison and Brendan Bentley

Performance funding for initial teacher education, mandating core curriculum and improving the quality of Professional Experience are issues

This is mistaken and disrespectful – a wasted opportunity

By Ange Fitzgerald, Terri Bourke and Julie McLeod

Teacher educators have been driving improvement in initial teacher education for decades. That’s been clear from as early as 1998 when the Australian Council of Deans of Education released “Preparing a Profession: Report of the National Standards  and Guidelines for Initial  Teacher Education Project”.  The report outlined the first program standards for ITE and, as

The way teachers work must change now. The Scott report doesn’t even try to fix the real challenge

By Donna Pendergast

There is a collective sigh of frustration from education academics when initial teacher education (ITE) is yet again the subject of review, with a series of recommendations that promise to transform not only ITE, but the teaching profession. Apparently the problems with the teaching profession are entirely the result of the failures of ITE.  It

A frantic year for education. ICYMI – here are our big reads of the year

Thank you to our many wonderful readers so far this year – and particularly to our many wonderful

This sure ain’t Hollywood: It’s a long way from neurons to the classroom

By Jason Lodge

It would help to empower emerging teachers via a solid grounding in the basic research that has the most potential for impact in the classroom. That research isn’t about how the brain works.