Indigenous education

Now, more than ever, we need change in Indigenous education

By Marnee Shay, Jodie Miller, Danielle Armour and Suraiya Abdul Hameed

This week (May 27-31) is National Reconciliation Week. The theme this year is ‘Now more than ever’. We

Welcome to the third #AARE2023 blog of the conference

We update during the day! The following post is by Babak Dadvand, La Trobe University Navigating Australia’s Teacher

Welcome to the second #AARE2023 blog of the conference

And that’s the last post for the day. Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow. The following post

How to stop racism in class: burn it off

“You’re like the token black kid in the class”: the continued need for Indigenisation of curriculum to support

Why and how the Voice is a teachable moment right now

By Catherine Renshaw, Fabi Fugazza, Tom Synnott and Susan Page

On any view, this year’s referendum on whether to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait IslanderVoice in the Australian Constitution is a teachable moment. There are concepts of history (What hasbeen the experience of First Nations peoples in the period since colonisation?); law (How does oursystem of government work?); political science (under what circumstances do

Happy new year reading: our most popular posts of all time

By Jenna Price

EduResearch Matters began back in 2014 under the stewardship of the amazing Maralyn Parker. At the end of 2020, Maralyn retired and I tried to fill very big shoes. The unusual thing about EduResearch Matters is that even posts published in the first couple of years of the blog’s existence continue to get readers –

Indigenous voices: why we urgently need windows and mirrors

By Amy Thomson

Could you see yourself reflected in your English classroom? I would like you to take yourself back in time for a moment. Take yourself back to your high school English classroom. I want you to imagine the books you studied. Think of their titles and who they were by. Think about what you learnt and

What makes a culturally nourishing school?

By Claire Golledge

AARE Symposium : The Culturally Nourishing Schooling Project Dr Keiko Bostwick (UNSW), Associate Professor Kevin Lowe (UNSW), Dr. Greg

Patience, persistence and persuasion: the how-to of Indigenous curriculum practice

By Susan Page

‘I can’t breathe’. As the Black Lives Matter movement gathered global momentum these words became a familiar refrain; forever linked to the African American man whose life was extinguished by police on a city street in 2020. Few recall the same words uttered by an Aboriginal man in a police cell in Sydney in 2015,