Reading: What Happens With Home Schooled Students?

By Krystal Cathcart, Katie Burke and Georgina Barton

Reading is a critical skill to have for school and life success and there are multiple suggestions as to how to teach it effectively and quickly in schools – but what happens in home schooling? Little is known about how Australian home educators teach reading to their own children, but early evidence suggests parents have

When school’s in a caravan on the road to an astonishing world

By Rebecca English, Katie Burke and Naomi Dale

One of the more reported side-effects of the COVID disruption has been the increase in families choosing to educate their children outside of mainstream schools (see the latest Queensland homeschooling statistics as an example of the growth in families choosing to exit the school system). While home education, frequently called homeschooling, has seen incredible growth

The fascinating reasons why some students will never go back to school

By Rebecca English

While homeschool, distance education and pandemic school are terms that were used interchangeably during the pandemic, when schools

Why homeschool? It gets complicated now

By Rebecca English

A new way to think about homeschoolers: accidentals and deliberates When you think about a homeschooler, what pops into your head?  Is it a fundamentalist Christian, reflexively avoiding the secular world that is perceived as dangerous?  Perhaps it’s a hot-housed, overachieving wunderkind whose music or sport makes attendance at school impossible?  Is it a child