Where we’ve been in the year so far – and a quick visit with Tibetan students

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Trauma in all our classrooms: Here’s how to respond

By Judith Howard

Children and young people who have been victims to complex trauma are sitting in most school classrooms and early learning settings across our country.  Complex trauma results when infants or children experience physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, significant neglect, or family and other types of violence, without the buffering support and protection of nurturing and

A vital message for teachers everywhere: how to help traumatised students

By Tebeje Molla and Damian Blake

We are constantly exposed to life-threatening events that result in trauma. Natural disasters such as seasonal bushfires and floods have affected millions of Australians. The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought about loss of life, extended isolation, and exposure to increased domestic violence— for some youth, all these events can be traumatic.   Likewise, human-induced traumatic events