Gifted and talented students

Why you can’t identify gifted students using NAPLAN

By Michelle Ronksley-Pavia

Some schools rely on NAPLAN results to identify gifted students, a trend that is leading to many high-potential

What is ‘giftedness’ and why do some ‘gifted’ children underachieve?

By Sabrina Blaas

Many teachers and parents would know some children as ‘gifted’ within our education systems. I am in the

Why do students from privileged schools dominate the Year 12 art work exhibition?

By Trevor McCandless

Is artistic ability only found in students from wealthy backgrounds? We like to believe that artistic ability is

Gifted primary school children need more than special classes

By Dr Katrina Eddles-Hirsch

Many gifted girls and boys find the gifted label stigmatising, and go out of their way to dodge