explicit instruction

Explicit teaching mandate – a pushback now is critical

By Jill Brown

Today, NSW teachers will spend  their professional learning session focused on explicit teaching, also known as explicit instruction.  The NSW Education Department Secretary Murat Dizdar told the ABC: “On day one, term two, which is a school development day, right across 2,200 schools, we will be undertaking explicit teaching learning, in every single school in

It would be so much better if we taught two ways. Here’s why

By Andrew J. Martin, Paul Ginns, Robin P. Nagy, Rebecca J. Collie and Keiko C.P. Bostwick

From one school year to the next, students experience an escalation in the amount and difficulty of schoolwork.  Researchers have tried to identify instructional approaches which would  reduce the cognitive burden on students, especially when they are in the early stages of learning—such as when they start a new academic year, a new subject, a