Happy new year reading: our most popular posts of all time

By Jenna Price

EduResearch Matters began back in 2014 under the stewardship of the amazing Maralyn Parker. At the end of 2020, Maralyn retired and I tried to fill very big shoes. The unusual thing about EduResearch Matters is that even posts published in the first couple of years of the blog’s existence continue to get readers –

More Amazing Secrets of Band Six (part two ongoing until they fix the wretched thing)

By Simon Crook

EDITOR’S NOTE:  When Simon Crook wrote The Amazing Secrets of band six last year for AARE, I had

The amazing secrets of band six (and what you should know)

By Simon Crook

Part two of this story was published in March 2022. New South Wales, Day 1, Term 1. A whole staff meeting to begin the school year. At some point after the Principal’s address, the Leader of Learning (or similar) starts their Powerpoint to go through the previous year’s HSC results subject by subject, particularly the