21st century teaching

What teachers need now to survive (hint: not this old trick)

By Julianna Libro

The advice given to teachers entering the classroom for the first time is often ‘Don’t smile until Easter’. The expression suggests hostility, attempting to place the teacher as the enforcer and the one who will wield the power for the year.  While the phrase might still ring true for some teachers, we, as teachers, are

What you should know about our 2023 top ten

Hello and happy new year. We are back for 2024 and looking forward to your contributions. Here’s what you need to know about writing posts for EduResearch Matters. We publish an annual list of our top ten most read blogs – and this year, there was one post which recorded huge interest from the outset.

The future of teaching: what we must find out

By Viv Ellis

What will it mean to be a teacher – and teach – in the future? What should be the relationships between schools and communities, young people and school systems? How can we overcome the challenges currently faced by teachers and by schools to imagine new futures for teachers and teaching? The Wednesday evening of the

Welcome to the third #AARE2023 blog of the conference

We update during the day! The following post is by Babak Dadvand, La Trobe University Navigating Australia’s Teacher

The chance to tell the truth about heroes

By Naomi Barnes

The study of history in schools has, Despite efforts by historians and history teachers to shift the methodology to include the stories of people long marginalised, it has always been broadly accepted by policymakers and politicians that the study of history is about ‘great people’ for young children to learn about to aspire to be great adults.

Teachers now: Why I left and where I’ve gone

By Robyn Brandenburg, Ellen Larsen, Richard Sallis and Alyson Simpson

“When you are a high achieving person, teaching sets you up for failure because you are never enough for everybody.” The teaching profession is in crisis. By 2025, the federal government estimates a shortfall of more than 4,000 high school teachers across the country. While there is a significant body of research that has tracked

Top of the pops: AARE’s Hottest Ten 2022

Thank you to all our contributors in 2022. We published over 100 blog posts this year from academics

When one shocking shortage led to another

By Meghan Stacey

Here is another of our intermittent blogs during the #AARE2022 conference. If you want to cover a session at the conference, please email jenna@aare.edu.au to check in. Thanks! Symposium: ‘Teacher shortages in Australian schools: reactive workforce planning for a wicked policy problem’ (post starts after the photos!) With nine people sitting on the floor, six standing,

From global to local – how the world shapes learning

By Jess Harris

Here is another of our intermittent blogs during the #AARE2022 conference. If you want to cover a session at

Distorted reports keep coming. This one will make you livid

By Keith Heggart, Steven Kolber and Tom Mahoney

What should we be talking about when we talk about teachers? Teachers’ pay, working conditions and the looming