English Curriculum

Toil and trouble: why time-poor teachers choose these texts today

By Alison Bedford

When Queensland introduced a prescribed text list in 2019, teachers had a smorgasbord of choice, but they went with the bread and butter options. New data from the Queensland Curriculum And Assessment Authority about the texts shows English teachers play it safe when it comes to the texts they teach in Units 3 and 4

Prescribed texts studied at school are not engaging our students and don’t reflect our diverse society

By Alex Bacalja and Lauren Bliss

High school students read a range of self-selected texts in their everyday lives but they remain disengaged when

Why is NSW dumbing down HSC English? ( no novels, no poetry required)

By Jackie Manuel

I am deeply concerned about changes to the HSC English syllabus. Contrary to public statements by the NSW

Australian schools teach the same texts for decades:good policy or big problem?

By Melissa Jogie

Have you ever noticed your children are studying much the same English texts at school as you did