Education of boys

Promising news: how young men think about Andrew Tate and what he sells

By Amanda Keddie, Michael Flood and Josh Roose

Recent media and public discourse in Australia and globally are replete with concerns about young men’s online behaviours,

What private school boys risk when they hit university

By Cameron Meiklejohn

Through a combination of wealth, influence, and polished marketing campaigns, elite schools project an image of superiority, which

Do elite private boys’ school alumni have justice politics?

By Claire Charles

Featured Symposium at AARE 2021: Elite private boys’ schooling, feminism and gender justice: reimagining research in a post

Our obsession with school achievement data is misplaced: we’re measuring the wrong things.

By Linda Graham

In 2008 Australia began a national assessment program that tests school children in Years 3, 5, 7 and

Problems with white working class boys plague UK school system

By Garth Stahl

In the United Kingdom, it is widely documented both in academic circles and in the popular press that