International students

How Australian universities could stop inequality and save the planet in one easy move

By Richard Heller

To address the global inequalities in access to higher education, I propose an Australian-led network for global online

University research funding and international student numbers rose, and will likely fall, together

By Andrew Norton

Australia’s universities face  multi-billion dollar annual budget shortfalls over the next few years. Fewer international student arrivals are the single biggest cause of falling revenues. In 2018 26 per cent of university revenue came from international students, up from just 3 per cent in 1990. Universities were warned about relying financially on international students. Since

Stereotyping international students is unjust

By Ly Tran, Catherine Gomes

This article was first published on University World News  Around the world, over 4.5 million students are undertaking

Challenges facing Australian international graduates transitioning into the Australian labour market

By Dr Cate Gribble, Professor Jill Blackmore and Mr Mohammad Rahimi, Centre for Educational Futures and Innovation, Deakin University 

The employability of international graduates has emerged as a key challenge facing the Australian higher education sector. International