Independent Public Schools

Charter schools: an old, flawed idea and wrong for Australia

By David Zyngier

A new report proposes Australia adopt a US styled charter school, or UK type academies, approach as a solution to our falling scores on international tests. It even suggests Australia should consider for-profit schools. The report comes from the Centre for Independent Studies, a conservative pro-business pro-privatisation think tank. US charter schools and UK academies

Reid responds to Donnelly’s “inaccuracies and obfuscations”

By Alan Reid

My blog of 3/8/2014 was an edited version of the opening statement I made in a debate with

Kevin Donnelly replies:the Liberal Government’s policy of independent public schools will raise education standards in Australia

By Kevin Donnelly

(Note: What follows is an edited and expanded version of Dr Kevin Donnelly’s presentation at the recent ACSA

The Abbott Government’s policy of ‘independent public schools’ will lower standards and widen inequalities in Australian schools.

By Alan Reid

[NOTE:This is an edited version of the negative case against the Abbott Govt’s Independent Public Schools policy made