Early childhood education and care

Budget 2024: These early childhood educators love kids. But love won’t pay the bills

By Marg Rogers

This is the second in a series of posts on the 2024 Budget. Today: early childhood care and

Excellent: why do we need that rating for early childhood care?

By Melissa Duffy Fagan

Professional identity in the Australian early childhood education and care sector (ECEC) is strongly linked to quality assurance

Part two: A new way forward for toddlers, teens, educators, parents

By Marg Rogers and Margaret Sims

Educators and parents often complain about toddlers and teenagers. In the first article of this two-part series, we explained similarities in their physical, social and emotional development. In this second article, we explore the cognitive similarities, share tips on building positive relationships, and provide ways to address their mental health and wellbeing. What are the

Toddlers and teens: the news educators and parents need right now

By Marg Rogers and Margaret Sims

Among educators and parents, the most often complained about age groups are toddlers and teens. Physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively there are many similarities in these developmental ages. Understanding these similarities can reduce frustrations and help us better connect with them. In this two-part series, we explore the physical, social and emotional similarities. In the

Flowers, chocolates, promises: now too late for early childhood educators

By Marg Rogers and Margaret Sims

The newest Productivity Commission report: A path to universal early childhood education and care glosses over or ignores many fundamental problems within the early childhood education sector . Scarcely mentioned, or tactfully ignored, are the:* systemic issues relating to educator burnout,* poor wellbeing and morale of educators,* increasing burden of quality assurance,* emotional cost of

What happens when we cut corners: Suffer the little children

By Olivia Karaolis

Jack Swindells is why regulations for early childhood care matter. The early childhood sector is regulated by standards and laws for a reason. One of those reasons is to ensure the quality of care for children: a quality of care that provides children with the opportunity to develop in an environment that is safe. These

The government must fix the childcare desert now

Marg Rogers, Navjot Bhullar and Laura K Doan ask: How far will the Budget’s funds stretch to fix

Provoking the children: why that matters for remarkable early learning

By Rachael Hedger

Our research shows why play matters in supporting young children’s learning and development. We have so many resources

ECEC: Why joy at work is wonderful (but never enough)

By Olivia Karaolis and Cathy Little

Image courtesy of Joanna Crothers Educators voted on Wednesday to take strike action on September 7 – Early

We refuse to value care – why sexism is at the core of our early childhood crisis

By Lucinda McKnight and Natalie Robertson

Introduction: The old, old problem The introduction of an extra year of education for three and four-year olds