Artificial Intelligence in schools

What you should know about our 2023 top ten

Hello and happy new year. We are back for 2024 and looking forward to your contributions. Here’s what you need to know about writing posts for EduResearch Matters. We publish an annual list of our top ten most read blogs – and this year, there was one post which recorded huge interest from the outset.

Does the new AI Framework serve schools or edtech?

By Lucinda McKnight and Leon Furze

On 30 November, 2023, the Australian federal government released its Australian Framework for Generative AI in Schools. This is an important step forward. It provides much-needed advice for schools following the November 2022 release of ChatGPT, a technological product capable of creating human-like text and other content. This Framework has undergone several rounds of consultation

Can humans and machines co-exist in education? And read on to discover why STEM matters

By Sarah Langman and Ben Zunica

Here is another of our intermittent blogs during the #AARE2022 conference. If you want to cover a session at

The AI future for lesson plans is already here

By Nick Kelly and Kelli McGraw

Another of our intermittent blogs during the #AARE2022 conference. If you want to cover a session at the conference

Siemens: the biggest challenges facing education now and ways to meet them

By George Siemens

The AARE 2022 conference opens this year with a keynote from George Siemens. Here are some of his

Five thoughtful ways to approach artificial intelligence in schools

By Greg Thompson, Kalervo Gulson and Teresa Swist

The use of artificial intelligence in schools is the best example we have right now of what we call a sociotechnical controversy. As a result f of political interest in using policy and assessment to steer the work that is being done in schools, partly due to technological advances and partly due to the need

Virtual Reality in school education: Australia leads the way with groundbreaking research

By Erica Southgate

In 2016, I attended a meeting and fortuitously sat next to the (now retired) principal of Callaghan College

Artificial intelligence in Schools: An Ethical Storm is Brewing

By Erica Southgate

‘Artificial intelligence will shape our future more powerfully than any other innovation this century. Anyone who does not

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools: are you ready for it? Let’s talk

By Jane Hunter

Interest in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools is growing. More educators are participating in important