teacher workforce

Teachers say it’s crazy now. That’s not even the whole story

By Mihajla Gavin and Susan McGrath-Champ

The crisis facing teachers and the teaching profession over the last decade at an international level is well-established

The one report on teaching you need to read

By Rachel Wilson

There’s a lot going on in the world, so you’d be forgiven for missing a big story that was announced nearly two weeks ago. It’s certainly bigger than Rupert Murdoch’s sixth fiancée , and Taylor Swift’s hotel choices, but naturally got a lot less coverage. Although confronting troubles around the world desperately deserve immediate attention,

Scholarships for teaching students are great – but will they really diversify the profession now?

By Rachael Dwyer, Rachael Jacobs, Catherine Manathunga, Daniel Harris and Jing Qi

Australia is in the midst of a teacher shortage, and with 35% of teachers considering leaving the workforce before they reach retirement age, the problem may get worse before it gets better. This means we need to increase the number of teachers graduating from university teaching degrees. The full set of data for 2024 university

The highly risky business of cost cutting

By Bree Hurn

In Victoria, the Australian Education Union has struck up a deal with the Andrews Government, and the cross-system

The way teachers work must change now. The Scott report doesn’t even try to fix the real challenge

By Donna Pendergast

There is a collective sigh of frustration from education academics when initial teacher education (ITE) is yet again the subject of review, with a series of recommendations that promise to transform not only ITE, but the teaching profession. Apparently the problems with the teaching profession are entirely the result of the failures of ITE.  It

Nightmare so far away: the truth about why teachers can’t live where they work

By Scott Eacott

What becomes of a school system – and individual schools – if teachers cannot afford to live near, or even within commuting distance of their workplace?

Teachers now: Why I left and where I’ve gone

By Robyn Brandenburg, Ellen Larsen, Richard Sallis and Alyson Simpson

“When you are a high achieving person, teaching sets you up for failure because you are never enough for everybody.” The teaching profession is in crisis. By 2025, the federal government estimates a shortfall of more than 4,000 high school teachers across the country. While there is a significant body of research that has tracked

So much love: school leaders answered the call through COVID and bushfires. Now love’s gone

By Paul Kidson

Each year, the Australian Principal Occupational Health and Wellbeing Survey of nearly 2500 school leaders comes to similar, and disheartening, conclusions – the accumulation of demands, and generous preferring of others ahead of themselves, leaves too many school leaders languishing. And while we continue to encourage school leaders to seek help and be responsible for