Online higher education

The exhilarating benefits of life on campus: friends and frenemies

By Vladimir Smirnov and Andrew Wait

As we approach the commencement of the academic semester, it is evident that a significant portion of teaching

Uni’s back: Five ways to build useful online learning

By Sandhya Maranna

The pandemic hastened the transition to online delivery. While several studies have looked into strategies for developing higher-order

How Australian universities could stop inequality and save the planet in one easy move

By Richard Heller

To address the global inequalities in access to higher education, I propose an Australian-led network for global online

Five Ways to Rethink Online and Blended Learning Post-COVID

By Erin Leif

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian universities rapidly shifted to online models of learning and teaching. Some

Online learning will never be a substitute for face-to-face

By Andrew Norton

In 2020 higher education student satisfaction with their ‘entire educational experience’ hit its lowest point since Australia’s national survey of current students began in 2011. But the detailed survey results, which cover many aspects of student life, paint a mixed picture. Despite an unexpected shift to online learning due to COVID-19 restrictions, satisfaction with many

Why practical content really matters for assessment in online learning

By Melissa Fanshawe and Katie Burke

Meet Melissa Fanshawe and Katie Burke, two senior lecturers from the School of Education at the University of Southern Queensland. These two first met in a Zoom workshop in which they were both presenting on online pedagogy.  Hearing about each other’s ideas, they instantly wanted to work together. Here’s what happened next. Melissa: We teach

Students say uni online learning is mostly ‘busy work’. Here’s what will really engage them

By Cathy Stone, Naomi Milthorpe and Janet Dyment

To combat high failure and student drop-out rates, universities have developed strategies to monitor online student engagement through measurable activities. We explored if and how these monitoring activities accurately measure online engagement. Perhaps our most surprising finding was that the teacher-education students in our study did not see their set online tasks as being valuable

Online higher education: how Charles Sturt University engages its students

By Barney Dalgarno

Reducing student attrition rates in higher education has come into sharper focus with the growth of online courses.