Teaching of languages

Politicisation of teaching Chinese language in Australian classrooms today

By Michiko Weinmann, Rod Neilsen and Sophia Slavich

In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asia-Pacific region is increasingly embroiled in an atmosphere of

How knowledge about China flows between teacher and students in a Mandarin language class in Australia

By Chunyan Zhang

We exchange ideas in every day life within the ordinary things we do. As I see it, each

How Australian schools are teaching languages through video-conferencing: your school can do it too!

By Yvette Slaughter

Many schools across Victoria struggle to meet the government’s  legislative requirement of providing a curriculum covering the eight

Why is Australia condemning language education to insignificance?

By Katharina Bense

Languages are not considered important in Australia. This general attitude towards language learning is not only evident in