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New teachers and their leaders: what they need to thrive

Australia faces teacher shortages with the government forming expert panels and creating action plans aimed at increasing the

Why every new teacher needs someone to trust

By Michelle Parks, Kim Beasy, Helen Trevethan, Jeana Kriewaldt, Natasha Ziebell, Wendy Carss and Bronwen Cowie

In this blog, we draw on our insights as teacher-educators listening to the voices of early career teachers (ECTs) to reimagine the transition from ‘becoming’ to ‘being’ a teacher. In 2020, we began a longitudinal research project to investigate the experiences of early career teachers in their first three years of teaching. We have now

The terrible trap of temporary teaching: I need to do more to get a job next year

By Meghan Stacey, Rachel Wilson, Susan McGrath-Champ, Scott Fitzgerald, Mihajla Gavin,

These days, there’s a new kind of teacher in NSW public schools: the ‘temporary’ teacher.  The category of temporary employment, a version of fixed-term contract work, was introduced in 2001. The category has been steadily growing while the proportion of permanent positions has declined and casual positions have remained relatively stable, as indicated in Figure

Want to keep early career teachers in the job? Do this

By Bernadette Mercieca

Beginning a professional teaching career is a complex and challenging process in the current social and political climate