initial teacher education

Why the future of professional experience is now in peril

By Jennifer Clifton, Susan Ledger, Chad Morrison and Brendan Bentley

Performance funding for initial teacher education, mandating core curriculum and improving the quality of Professional Experience are issues

It’s a No-Brainer: Beginning Teachers Should Learn About the Brain

By Andrew J Martin

Universities around the world train professionals to support children and young people’s academic and social-emotional development. A lot

The way teachers work must change now. The Scott report doesn’t even try to fix the real challenge

By Donna Pendergast

There is a collective sigh of frustration from education academics when initial teacher education (ITE) is yet again the subject of review, with a series of recommendations that promise to transform not only ITE, but the teaching profession. Apparently the problems with the teaching profession are entirely the result of the failures of ITE.  It

This sure ain’t Hollywood: It’s a long way from neurons to the classroom

By Jason Lodge

It would help to empower emerging teachers via a solid grounding in the basic research that has the most potential for impact in the classroom. That research isn’t about how the brain works.

Happy new year reading: our most popular posts of all time

By Jenna Price

EduResearch Matters began back in 2014 under the stewardship of the amazing Maralyn Parker. At the end of 2020, Maralyn retired and I tried to fill very big shoes. The unusual thing about EduResearch Matters is that even posts published in the first couple of years of the blog’s existence continue to get readers –

What we must do now to rescue Australian schools

By Scott Eacott

We expect education to be a catalyst for more equitable and inclusive societies yet too often governments and systems deploy one-stop solutions without detailed plans for how exactly improvements will be achieved or at what costs. The Building Education Systems for Equity and Inclusion report comes from an Academy of Social Sciences of Australia workshop

Here’s what a brave new minister for education could do right away to fix the horrific teacher shortage

By Debra Hayes

The new Federal Minister for Education Jason Clare announced last Friday he would convene a Teacher Workforce Roundtable

How to fix education: cut tests, defund private schools

In the final part in our series of what the next government should do to save Australian education,

My urgent wish list for Australian education

By Caroline Mansfield

Each day this week, EduResearch Matters will publish the views of educational leaders on the state of education

If only we really wanted to solve the problems

By Jim Watterston

Each day this week, EduResearch Matters will publish the views of educational leaders on the state of education