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Why isn’t Australia securing its critical research?

By Brendan Walker-Munro

Just before Christmas last year, the National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States announced aims to establish a network which would enable the funders of university research to share information about applications, applicants and programs of national security concern.  That same news story mentioned that the NSF had already established a dialogue with the

Is this now the Federal government’s most bone-headed idea ever?

By Inger Mewburn

Apparently international PhD students in Australia now have to seek ministerial approval to change their thesis topic or

How the ARC could destroy our amazing education research

By Anna Sullivan

Australia has an impressive record when it comes to its education research. Our education research is third in

How our messy research journey survived floods, fires and COVID19

By Wendy Taggart

See this presentation in real time today (December 2, 2021) in the Schools and Education Systems SIG at

Doing my research work is like walking a city. How would you walk this city?

By Naomi Barnes

How do you feel about walking around a city? If you were in Sydney would you head down