artificial intelligence

To understand AI today, we need both why and how

By Paul Kidson

We know AI is such a big deal that just this week the President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed an executive order to try to address the risks of a technology he described as “the most consequential technology of our time”. So it is no wonder that the proliferation of both AI tools

ChatGPT: What do we know now? What must we learn next?

By Simon Buckingham-Shum

I was honoured to join a TEQSA/CRADLE panel last week, the third in a series on the implications

A new sheriff is coming to the wild ChatGPT west

By Paul Kidson, Sarah Jefferson and Leon Furze

You know something big is happening when the CEO of Open AI, the creators of ChatGPT, starts advocating for “regulatory guardrails”. Sam Altman testified to the US Senate Judiciary Committee this week that the potential risks for misuse are significant, echoing other recent calls by former Google pioneer, the so-called “godfather of AI”, Geoffrey Hinton.