School environment

Learning from alternative schooling:mainstream schools can benefit greatly

By Stewart Riddle

Around the world today school systems in developed countries tend to produce a ‘one size fits all’ type

Current school reform agenda undermines intelligence and creativity in schools

By Des Griffin

Education should aim to achieve the enhancement of intelligence. However, current education reform action is driven by narrow

Should we be more like Finland? The Finnish education system explained.

By Tom Stehlik

Educators around the world laud the Finnish school system and there is constant discussion in Australia about how

Significant difference in how Australian public and private schools market themselves:Why?

By Trevor McCandless

Schools increasingly market themselves. Because elite private schools have always done so, most previous school marketing research in

Gifted primary school children need more than special classes

By Dr Katrina Eddles-Hirsch

Many gifted girls and boys find the gifted label stigmatising, and go out of their way to dodge