Universities Accord Panel

After all this time, are we in Accord now?

Federal Minister for Education Jason Clare released the final Universities Accord report on Sunday. Experts for EduResearch Matters respond. From left to right: Andrew Norton, professor in the Practice of Higher Education Policy at the Australian National University; Gwilym Croucher, associate professor, in the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education; Jess Harris, associate

Want fairness at uni now? There’s one crucial thing the minister forgot

By Jess Harris

Quality of higher education, equity of participation and access are front and centre in the new Universities Accord

A reasonably honest portrait of where the system is now

By Andrew Norton

On Wednesday, the Minister for Education Jason Clare, spoke at the National Press Club on the interim report from the Universities Accord Panel, chaired by Professor Mary O’Kane, who have been given the job of transforming Australia’s university sector. The report itself has ambitious long- term goals including parity of participation in higher education between