teacher retention

The one report on teaching you need to read

By Rachel Wilson

There’s a lot going on in the world, so you’d be forgiven for missing a big story that was announced nearly two weeks ago. It’s certainly bigger than Rupert Murdoch’s sixth fiancée , and Taylor Swift’s hotel choices, but naturally got a lot less coverage. Although confronting troubles around the world desperately deserve immediate attention,

So wrong: Inspirational campaigns will never work. Here’s why

By Saul Karnovsky

The Federal government recently launched two high profile campaigns to attract people into the teaching profession.  The first seeks to raise the status of teaching through a series of rather saccharine videos showcasing inspirational classroom teacher stories as “Be That Teacher” “Be That Teacher”. Costing a whopping $10 million this glossy marketing strategy aims to

Second year teachers: Now I know what I don’t know

By Ellen Larsen, Hoa Nguyễn, Elizabeth Curtis and Tony Loughland

The National Teacher Workforce Action Plan offers ways to deal with current teacher shortages across Australia, with a conspicuous focus on rapidly attracting more teachers to the profession and ensuring that they receive support and mentoring as they transition into their first year of teaching.   However, when we interviewed a small group of early career

One easy way to lead teachers to the pinnacle – HALT

By Lawrence Ingvarson and Hilary Hollingsworth

Read our full paper on lead teachers here. Australia needs to recruit, develop and retain high quality teachers – lead teachers. To make that happen, this country needs a more credible, economically affordable, administratively feasible and legally defensible professional certification system for leading teachers. That’s not all. It also needs better rewarded career pathways for

Teachers now: Why I left and where I’ve gone

By Robyn Brandenburg, Ellen Larsen, Richard Sallis and Alyson Simpson

“When you are a high achieving person, teaching sets you up for failure because you are never enough for everybody.” The teaching profession is in crisis. By 2025, the federal government estimates a shortfall of more than 4,000 high school teachers across the country. While there is a significant body of research that has tracked

One day to go: the great education reckoning as parties eye the election prize

By Mihajla Gavin, Meghan Stacey, Susan McGrath-Champ and Rachel Wilson

The ‘education election’? Before heading to the polling booths this Saturday, we take stock of how the major political parties, and the newly formed Public Education Party, stack up over their policies and priorities for education.  It has been a difficult time for public education over the last decade. Research has documented that the teaching

How to fix the teacher shortage

By Chandravadan Shah, Paul Richardson and Helen Watt

Teacher shortages are not a new thing. It is difficult to envisage a time when every school in

Dear Premier, this will not work. Not now, not ever

By Jessica Holloway

A select number of teachers in NSW will soon be eligible for increased salaries of up to $152,000. This comes at a time when schools across Australia are facing devastating teacher shortages, while dwindling numbers of prospective teachers are pursuing teaching as a career. According to NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, “This is seismic reform that

When one shocking shortage led to another

By Meghan Stacey

Here is another of our intermittent blogs during the #AARE2022 conference. If you want to cover a session at the conference, please email jenna@aare.edu.au to check in. Thanks! Symposium: ‘Teacher shortages in Australian schools: reactive workforce planning for a wicked policy problem’ (post starts after the photos!) With nine people sitting on the floor, six standing,