Educational Technology

Using evidence to help build and evaluate good ideas in education technology

By Simon Knight, Anissa Moeini and Alison Clark-Wilson

As researchers, we care that our educational systems improve, support all learners, and are grounded solidly in research

EdTech is killing us all: facing up to the environmental consequences of digital education

By Neil Selwyn

Digital technology is now a major part of education. Even the smallest schools are stuffed full of digital devices, display screens and projectors. Anything that can be digitized is stored online. Lessons are live-streamed, resources are downloadable, and school communications take place through apps and email. Behind the scenes, schools maintain their own servers, host

‘Click bait’ hijacks the real story about technology in Australian schools

By Jane Hunter

A recent education report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said, among many other things,

Why teachers should use virtual worlds

By Sue Gregory

There has been a worldwide increase in the use of virtual worlds from 136 million in 2009 to

Why aren’t more teachers involved in educational technology innovations?

By Bron Stuckey

My professional interest as an educator is in technology and gamification, so with high expectations I attended the