PhD education

The PhD: Why the Thesis Whisperer is a big fan, now and into the AI future

By Inger Mewburn

Let’s face it, the job market in Australian universities is pretty dismal. Our latest research shows that there’s

Want to do a PhD now? Here’s what you should know

By Kathleen Smithers and Matthew Harper

Research in schools is messy. Things change fast and decisions need to be made on the fly. As PhD students doing research in schools, we (Kate and Matt) learned that challenges quickly arise and that tough decisions need to be made. Our PhD research took place in vastly different contexts. Kate went to Zimbabwe to

Is this now the Federal government’s most bone-headed idea ever?

By Inger Mewburn

Apparently international PhD students in Australia now have to seek ministerial approval to change their thesis topic or

Why your doctorate can make you feel like you’re drowning

By Richard Stewart

This is not a cry for help. These aren’t my thoughts on the difficulties of managing money, time,

I found my PhD journey extremely stressful and mentally exhausting

By Lynette Pretorius and Luke Macaulay

The secret lives of doctoral students and how academics can help Every year, thousands of students enrol into doctoral programs across Australia and around the world. New PhD students enter an environment characterised by the persistent pursuit for knowledge – there is always something more to learn. They also hear advice about academia from all