Music education

Descale the arts machine now

By Andrew Pennay

The latest QTAC report is out, advertising (let’s face it) the ways that all general senior subjects in

The brand new syllabus should let the music play

By James Humberstone

The NSW Year 7 to 10 Music syllabus is the most important in Australia. The NSW government last reviewed and renewed it in 2003, so the recent publishing of a new version, to be taught from 2026, was a once-in-a-generation opportunity,to create a world-leading syllabus embracing  latest research and drawing on the most engaging and

Happy new year reading: our most popular posts of all time

By Jenna Price

EduResearch Matters began back in 2014 under the stewardship of the amazing Maralyn Parker. At the end of 2020, Maralyn retired and I tried to fill very big shoes. The unusual thing about EduResearch Matters is that even posts published in the first couple of years of the blog’s existence continue to get readers –

Not every principal will love the arts but every arts teacher does. They need support

By Linda Lorenza

Australians have leapt online to participate in arts events. More than 30% of Australians have engaged with arts

Music ed isn’t a luxury. All of our children should be learning music

By Leon R de Bruin

Learning music can increase thinking skills, enrich strategies for learning and creativity, and enhance connections across subjects. We keep discovering more reasons to foreground music education in our schools. So why haven’t state governments acted to support music education and reform? As I see it, music education has now been in the ‘too hard basket’