STEM education

Hello (nuclear) submarine! What education needs to do now

By Eric Fusil

On September16  2021, a virtual, but nonetheless lethal, nuclear bombshell launched from Australia and bloomed into the skies of Normandy, killing instantly the diesel-electric Attack-class submarine that Naval Group of France was designing for Australia. The Prime Ministers of Australia and the UK, with the President of the USA, had announced the birth of the

It’s all about balance: why analogies might make maths easier to understand

By Vesife Hatisaru

For over a decade now, I have aimed to understand the mathematical knowledge needed to teach mathematics effectively,

Can humans and machines co-exist in education? And read on to discover why STEM matters

By Sarah Langman and Ben Zunica

Here is another of our intermittent blogs during the #AARE2022 conference. If you want to cover a session at

Lazy, crazy mathematicians and other myths we need to bust

By Vesife Hatisaru

Creating opportunities for students to develop ‘healthy’ images of mathematicians and mathematics is paramount. The images of mathematics

Have we lost trust in science?

By Natasha Rooney

Trust in Science, Society, and the Australian State: A Crisis in the Making? “The return to school has

Want to crush climate catastrophe? You better develop engineers early

By Elena Prieto

To face many of the challenges of climate change or pandemic recovery, we need STEM workers in Australia

The amazing secrets of band six (and what you should know)

By Simon Crook

Part two of this story was published in March 2022. New South Wales, Day 1, Term 1. A whole staff meeting to begin the school year. At some point after the Principal’s address, the Leader of Learning (or similar) starts their Powerpoint to go through the previous year’s HSC results subject by subject, particularly the

The NSW Education Standards Authority responds to Charlotte Pezaro’s post: Specialist maths and science teachers in primary schools are part – a key part – of the solution

By Peter Lee

This blog post is a response to Charlotte’s Pezaro’s post Specialist science and maths teachers in primary schools

Specialist science and maths teachers in primary schools are not the solution

By Charlotte Pezaro

The idea to put specialist science and maths teachers into Australian primary schools gained a lot of support after the latest results of international tests were announced. It even became official policy in NSW last year when then Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, announced a plan to deliver hundreds of specialist STEM (science, technology, engineering and

Girls and coding: draw strength from the community focus

By Bron Stuckey

Girls and coding, I find it heartening that we are talking about making the connection and that some