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Welcome to the fourth #AARE2023 blog of the conference

Day Four, November 29, 2023. We will update here during the day so please bookmark this page. Our

Open access: why we must break down the paywalls now

By Tracy Creagh and Pru Mitchell

Publication via open access increases visibility, reach and impact of educational research, so why are we still hitting our heads against paywalls? Why do we publish? For attention, for funding and for impact. The quality research undertaken by Australian education researchers has the biggest chance of impact if it is readily accessible to educators and

Why we must take the pulse of education research in Australia now

By Catherine Manathunga

Australian education research is at a key turning point in a pandemic world where the dramatic effects of

How the ARC could destroy our amazing education research

By Anna Sullivan

Australia has an impressive record when it comes to its education research. Our education research is third in

Race and class politics in competitive schooling

By Christina Ho

Australia’s traditional middle class is feeling anxious about its ability to pass on class status to their children. Competition has grown for jobs, housing, and places in desirable schools. Our research reveals transformations in Australia’s middle class which can be seen through the lens of education, and in particular, competitive relations in schooling markets. Neoliberal

The astonishing adventures of Angela and Kimberley: this is how it all ends*

By Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn and Angela Fitzgerald

Our two authors have told their stories of leaving university life to return to school over three blogs this year. You can read part one here and part two here. An introduction from Kimberley Let me take you for a moment into my Year 6 classroom. It’s the last morning of Term 4 and my

How our messy research journey survived floods, fires and COVID19

By Wendy Taggart

See this presentation in real time today (December 2, 2021) in the Schools and Education Systems SIG at

We Found Education Schools Across The Nation Are Victims Of Targeted Cuts But More Threats Are Looming

By Jo-Anne Reid

At every university around the country, academics in schools and faculties of Education have been hit hard.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, have lost their jobs. Many of them are people we know. Yet it is not easy to identify the particular staff who have ‘disappeared’ from classes, courses and schools of Education among the seventeen and

These two teachers left tenured uni jobs to return to the classroom. You’ll never believe what happened next.

By Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn and Ange Fitzgerald

Kimberley and Ange shared their back-to-school story in January this year. So, what’s it been like?  How is