teachers mentoring teachers

Second year teachers: Now I know what I don’t know

By Ellen Larsen, Hoa Nguyễn, Elizabeth Curtis and Tony Loughland

The National Teacher Workforce Action Plan offers ways to deal with current teacher shortages across Australia, with a conspicuous focus on rapidly attracting more teachers to the profession and ensuring that they receive support and mentoring as they transition into their first year of teaching.   However, when we interviewed a small group of early career

Why being a mentor is hard. Here’s how to help

By Allison Byth

In my PhD research, I set out to understand how mentoring works within Initial Teacher Education (ITE) for

What we must do now to rescue Australian schools

By Scott Eacott

We expect education to be a catalyst for more equitable and inclusive societies yet too often governments and systems deploy one-stop solutions without detailed plans for how exactly improvements will be achieved or at what costs. The Building Education Systems for Equity and Inclusion report comes from an Academy of Social Sciences of Australia workshop

Online communities for teachers: what research says about their limits and potential

By Nick Kelly

The ability to be connected “anywhere, anytime” is recent enough that most professions are still figuring out how