Pearson’s insidious plan to profit from poor families in developing countries

By Anna Hogan

Global education business, Pearson, continues to find new ways to make a profit from the education of children

NAPLAN and edu-business: the commercialisation of schooling in Australia

By Anna Hogan

NAPLAN testing is orchestrating a high-stakes environment in Australian schools where schools, teachers, students and even parents feel the pressure to perform and do well. Edu-businesses are capitalising on this high-stakes environment for commercial advantage. Schools and governments now purchase products and services that are explicitly tied to test development and preparation, data analysis and

How big business is taking over public schools: is this what we want for Australia?

By Anna Hogan

‘Education will be the biggest growth industry of the 21st century,’ according to Pearson, the world’s largest edu-business, which provides educational content, resources and customisable services, such as online and adaptive learning technologies. With its $9.5billion in sales last year, it is clear that education is proving quite profitable for Pearson and its shareholders. In