racism and schools

Racism: how to stop the chokehold

By Aaron Teo

Ample research has shown the benefits of teacher workforce diversity reflecting Australia’s increasingly diverse student population. Minority teachers

What I know about racism. What I learned about bullying.

By Olivia Karaolis

I am waiting for my daughter on the playground, amid the chaos of three o’clock, enormous backpacks hurtling over tiny shoulders, tenni balls are flying through the air and  kids are running to their mums, Dads and baby brothers and sisters. Finally the one I am looking for is bounding towards me. Her arms go

Ditching school-based courses cuts passion and wonder. Shame the bureaucrats don’t see that.

By Cathie Burgess

After Pauline Hanson was elected, one school fought rising racism with a school-developed subject.

Racism in Australian schools: here’s new research that can help your school deal with it

By Christine Halse

Most Australians think multiculturalism is good for Australia and only a very small percentage believe racism is a