A frantic year for education. ICYMI – here are our big reads of the year

Thank you to our many wonderful readers so far this year – and particularly to our many wonderful contributors who write for EduResearch Matters from across the nation. Taking a brief pause from our regular publishing routine to do a recap of some of our posts you may have missed. Many of you will be having a public holiday on Tuesday so here’s a chance to catch up.

Our entire back catalogue is here. Please browse. Want something to listen to? Try this podcast from Don Carter and Jane Hunter but read about it here first.

Early in the year, we had an overview of the challenges facing education – and those who run our systems -It’s all about the politics and the policies: Education: the five concerns we should debate right now, International Day of Education: why Jason Clare and Sussan Ley must get to class immediately, Universities Accord: Why this urgent deadline is mission (almost) impossible and It’s a watershed report but it’s hidden behind headlines

What’s happening in schools? Teachers now: Why I left and where I’ve gone: a heartbreaking post on why teachers are abandoning the classroom and what they’ve decided to do instead. Also check out Why do teachers have bigger workloads now? and Nightmare so far away: the truth about why teachers can’t live where they work.

What about our students?Trauma in all our classrooms: Here’s how to respond and Screen panic: how much time is too much?

AND A CALL TO ARMS from Jane Kenway:Timid thinking no longer cuts it. Change is needed now

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