Are student encampments sites of pedagogy and learning?

By Jane Kenway and Katie Maher

When you enter the encampment, you see colour: the red, green, black and white of Palestinian flags and

Want Indigenous university students to succeed? Here’s how

By Thu Pham, Levon Blue, Angela Baeza Pena, Peter Anderson and Melanie Saward

Recommendations in the Universities Accord reveal a focus on increasing enrolments of under-represented groups including  Aboriginal and Torres

Budget 2024: The government must support universities, students – and research

By Abigail Payne with data analysis from Ana Gamarra-Rondinel and Steeve Marchand

This is the third in a series of posts on the 2024 Budget. Today: higher education by the

Budget 2024: These early childhood educators love kids. But love won’t pay the bills

By Marg Rogers

This is the second in a series of posts on the 2024 Budget. Today: early childhood care and

BUDGET 2024: Why is the money for public schools still missing?

By Matthew Sinclair

This is first in a series of posts on the 2024 Budget. Today: school funding by Curtin University’s

School exclusion: what this heartbreaking work tells us

By Mati Keynes, Samara Hand, Beth Marsden and Archie Thomas

Numbers show school exclusion is on the rise. But there is very little evidence to show it is an effective mechanism for improving or managing student behaviour. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students with a disability, or living in out of home care continue to be significantly overrepresented in suspension and exclusion statistics. These

Transforming Online Assessment in Business Education: What do we need to know now

By Elaine Huber

Elaine Huber’s collaborators on this project are: Andrew Brodzeli, University of Sydney; Andrew Cram, University of Sydney; Lynne

What is the tension between Jason Clare and Tony Burke?

By Daniel X. Harris

Dan Harris has given two keynotes at national education gatherings this year. This post is based on those

Housing: how to fix the teacher shortage

By Scott Eacott

Legislation requires governments to provide every child with a quality education, regardless of where they live and what school they attend.  But meeting this requirement is at risk because of  two crises: housing affordability and teacher shortages.  As we require children and youth of a certain age to attend school, we need to be able

Explicit teaching mandate – a pushback now is critical

By Jill Brown

Today, NSW teachers will spend  their professional learning session focused on explicit teaching, also known as explicit instruction.  The NSW Education Department Secretary Murat Dizdar told the ABC: “On day one, term two, which is a school development day, right across 2,200 schools, we will be undertaking explicit teaching learning, in every single school in