Teacher readiness in hard-to-staff schools – here’s what we know now

By Babak Dadvand, Juliana Ryan, Miriam Tanti and Steve Murphy

In current policy debates about graduate teacher readiness in Australian schools, one central question is often overlooked: how

Promising news: how young men think about Andrew Tate and what he sells

By Amanda Keddie, Michael Flood and Josh Roose

Recent media and public discourse in Australia and globally are replete with concerns about young men’s online behaviours,

Now read this: the story so far

By Jenna Price, editor EduResearch Matters

Our best read blog of the year so far? Nicole Brunker on evidence-based practice, a scathing critique of

Love this: Creativity Can Be Measured – in Diverse Ways. What we can learn from PISA

By Daniel Harris

The latest on PISA Creative Thinking results: Kylie Murphy: PISA results show thinking can be cultivated. Australian teachers

Fourth in the whole world! Yet the government doesn’t care

By Daniel Harris

Since PISA released its first creative thinking test results last week, there has been a flurry of commentary

Fourth in the world in creative thinking: how good!?!?

By Kylie Murphy

For the first time, global PISA data includes an assessment of fifteen-year-old students’ ‘creative thinking’. The 2022 results for this new measure are now out – and the implications challenge some beliefs about teaching creative thinking.  Australia ranks fourth among the eighty-one participating countries. Australia’s ranking on creative thinking positions us just behind Singapore, South Korea,

16 Years a HALT: Reflections of a Highly Accomplished Teacher

By John Cole

I received some long-awaited news last week, and it came as a simple enough e-mail. After ten years,

We have a massive teaching shortage. Here’s how to fix it

By Scott Cowie, Loan Dao, Jeanne Allen, Darren Pullen 

The Federal Department of Education predicts an alarming teacher shortage of 4,100 teachers by 2025. It is now

Racism: how to stop the chokehold

By Aaron Teo

Ample research has shown the benefits of teacher workforce diversity reflecting Australia’s increasingly diverse student population. Minority teachers

Escape Oppression Now: Disrupt the Dominance of Evidence-Based Practice

By Nicole Brunker

Evidence-Based Practice dominates every Australian education system facilitated through government and non-government organisations including NSW’s Centre for Education