Need reminding? Some of the best read blogs of 2021 and how you can help

Thank you to Mihajla Gavin and Meghan Stacey for kicking off the year on EduResearch Matters – on why we should want to avoid the Kansas model of dealing with COVID and staff shortages.

You too can contribute! Read on! Here are notes for contributors.

We published fabulous posts every single week across a range of topics last year and we really want to do the same this year. Didn’t get to write last year? Want to contribute? Pitch to me at jenna@aare.edu.au.

The 2021 AARE blog of the year was principal and research student Paul Laing on the impact teaching shortages have on schools and learning, a devastating picture of what is happening in our schools; and now made worse by COVID.

Some of our posts were very newsy. They included a number of critiques of the former Minister for Education Alan Tudge, a plea to cancel the NSW Higher School Certificate and an array of posts on gender inequality in schools. There were a range of wonderful contributors, brand new PhD students, researchers, tutors to professors and professors emerita.

It is genuinely hard to choose the best because every single blog reveals new ideas and new thinking about education but I’ll just list our ten most read for 2021. So many others were excellent and please look at our comprehensive archive.

Here we go! 2021 top ten.

Paul Laing: ‘My teacher sucks’: how teacher shortages shatter learning.

Simon Crook: The amazing secrets of band six and what you should know

Simmone Pogorzelski, Susan Main and Janet Hunter: Decodable or predictablewhy reading curriculum developers must seize one

Carol Reid: Why we must abandon the 2021 HSC now

Brian Cambourne: A brief history of the Reading Wars

Viv Ellis: It’s anarchy in England – Australia’s ITE must now steer clear

Rachel Wilson: The government must know how to fix the teacher shortage. Why won’t it act now?

Naomi Barnes: Why Alan Tudge is on the history warpath

George Variyan: If you want gender justice, should you ban private boys’ schools?

Is the lecture dead?  Shirley Alexander, deputy vice-chancellor. University of Technology Sydney; Sarah O’Shea, director of the National Centre of Student Equity in Higher Education at Curtin University; Marcus O’Donnell, director, Cloud Learning Futures at Deakin University; Sally Male, chair in engineering education, University of Western Australia; and Amy Wong, research fellow at Queen’s University Belfast, formerly of the University of Queensland.

Thank you to all of you for making this such a lovely community, looking forward to hearing from you and a special thank you to Maralyn Parker without whom none of this would be possible (she still helps out!).

Jenna Price

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